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Company introduction
Company introduction

  Shenzhen Sense Instrument Co., Ltd. which is a leader of developed , produced and sale X-ray fluorescence spectrometer machine, all products have been proved effectively and successfully in several industries including petrochemical product analysis, alloy composition analysis, coating thickness analysis, environmental-protection and hazardous heavy metal composition analysis, etc. SENSE sets technology, brand, quality and service as core competencies, and devotes to provide high-quality, high-performance and affordable equipments and testing solutions to clients.

Alloy composition analysis series:

EDX-850A, EDX-1000EDX-1050EDX-1200EDX-6800

The equipments are widely used in metallurgy, mine, machinery processing, jewelry, electronics manufacturing and other industries.

It is very important for incoming inspection, process control and factory inspection. It is suitable for all kinds of iron, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other alloy composition analysis, stainless steel verification. 

There are non-vacuum and vacuum types.

Coating thickness analysis series:


The equipments are widely used in PCB, electronic components and other metal coating analysis. It can also measure the heavy metal and halogen content in plating.

Environmental-protection and heavy metal component analysis series:


The equipments are widely used in toys, electronics, plastics, ironware leather and other industries. It is focus on RoHS application to ensure that products fit for the limit of environmental protection.


Petrochemical product analysis series:

WD-100S, WD-100SA

The equipment is widely used in petrochemical, fodder, medicines, food and others, it developed for all kinds of liquid, powder samples, especially for the volatile samples. It tests sulfur, chlorine, and bromine in oil under vacuum condition and gets high accuracy, faster detection, simple operation, easy to learn.

The social responsibility
The social responsibilityA) study and comply with relevant national laws and regulations. 2) civilization management, credit management.
3) the continuously improving the quality of products, services, resolutely put an end to a major accident and major complaints.
Of business beyond authorization, 4) don't do the false advertising.
5) the unity cooperation, mutual benefit and reciprocity, no unfair competition.
6) to strengthen the enterprise good faith management, cultivate enterprise staff good professional ethics.
Seven) strengthen the enterprise good faith cooperation, promoting the rapid growth of enterprises and promote local economic development.
Eight) safeguarding the market order, establish and trustworthy glory, broken shameful business philosophy.

NewsCompany developed metal analysis spectrometer, a metal component analysis, RoHS testing, to detect the thickness of the coating at an organic whole, have very high cost performance. Products are widely used in mining, chemical industry, gold and silver jewelry, smelting, and metal industry, machinery and electronics manufacturing and other industries, product quality and cost control of the enterprise, to enhance the efficiency of production has a high practical value. After a lot of environmental testing, testing experiment center of biological experiments and related data validation, this company produces metal analysis spectrometer accuracy and performance of the same industry leading position domestically.

Company publications
Company publicationsShenzhen good when instrument co., LTD is a focus on research and development, manufacture and sale of metal components, environmental protection and heavy metal analysis in areas such as spectrometer development of private high-tech companies, as the chief technology officer of enterprise one of the sponsors are experts in the field. The company is committed to provide customers both at home and abroad with high quality, high performance and metal composition and environmental analysis of parity instrumentation products and solutions, is the metal composition and analysis photoelectric detection technology is one of the pioneers in the field of environmental protection.


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