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Company profile

SENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and provider of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.The technologies have been proven effective in several industries including alloy component analysis, environmental-protectionand heavy metal component analysis, etc. SENSE takes technology, brand, quality and service as core competency and devotes to providing clients with high-quality, high-performance and affordable equipments and testing solutions.



    Cost effective XRF produced by SENSE, combining whole element analysis, RoHS, coating thickness testing all in one, is widelyused in mining, chemical industry, jewelry, metallurgy, machinery and electronics manufacturing and other industries, which helps enterprises a lot in the quality control, cost down and production efficiency. The accuracy & excellent performance of our equipments are well ahead of the rest of the others in China and comparable with the similar equipments in the developed countries after a number of environmental testing, biological experiments and detection experiments. The testing range has been expanded to over 60 elements from only 6 elements and extra required testing elements could be added in accordance with the actual testing requests.Both quantitative and qualitative analysis could be carried out accurately, which fills the gaps in metal component analysis in China and competes with similar overseas branded equipments. 

    SENSE strives to build a world-class enterprise by developing high-end equipments, including ICP, LIBS, XRF, Spark Emission Spectrometer, etc. in the future.


R & D

    SENSE has an extensive background in the development and implementation of process XRF and holds a broad intellectual property portfolio and world level advanced products in it’s use and application by working with professors from the University of Michigan in USA, TsingHua University in China, and ISP Company in Korea.



    Certified by ISO9001 Quality Control System, ISO1SI-600 Environmental Management System, CE & UL, SENSE regards analysis performance and equipment quality as corporate development basis and checks all the details throughout overall process strictly,including spare parts design, equipment assembly, testing and shipment in order to ensure excellent equipment performance and high quality.



    SENSE recognizes the key importance of providing our customers with the level of support they want when they need it. We have the flexibility to modify our programs to meet our customers’ specific business needs by establishing many sales & service centers inside China and working with our global agents. 

    We warmly welcome users to visit our company.

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